Candlewood Hill  -  interior home remodel

Northbrook,  Illinois    Completed 2012

To transform their home, the owners of this 1960’s suburban Chicago house evaluated their changing needs and the issues they had with their current layout. Instead of just new finishes, their assessment led to a resizing and reshaping of spaces. The result, an open, airy, and light filled home with a spacious kitchen and family room.  

The small existing kitchen acted as a hallway between the main entrance and the family room. Relocating and removing walls changed the flow of the spaces. The new kitchen now occupies the space of the previous dining room and the original kitchen. A new mudroom area is created by moving the entry from the garage. The laundry room was reduced in size and relocated to the existing breakfast area. The family room is now large and open and better serves the current lifestyle of the owners.

The focus of the kitchen has changed from being inward to outward and takes advantage of a beautiful backyard space. A sliding door now stands where a small sink window was located and a nine foot wide set of three windows opens up across from the new island.

On the second floor, all of the windows were replaced and enlarged, bringing in more light into the home. Both bathrooms were renovated, and the small master bathroom was enlarged by acquiring some space off of the master bedroom. Dropping the vanity a few inches on either end allows the new deeper windows to pass above. A marble floor and grey subway tile are clean and elegant.