All In Tudor

Forest Park,  Illinois    Completed 2013

A common theme for many of our clients is how to fit the most into our space.  This basement is only about 1,000 square feet, but includes a large living room, an office, a full mini-kitchen with a refrigerator and sink, a sewing station, a storage/work room, a full bathroom with walk-in shower, a large laundry room, a guest room and tons of new storage. To gain volume, the ceiling height was raised by relocating the heating pipes above to the sides of the room. A costly endeavor, but well worth it. The hand carved limestone fireplace and use of dark wood accents on light colored walls and doors echoes the elements of the Tudor style home. In the laundry room, we installed a large window well to allow the most light possible into the space. The light from this window pours into the kitchen area and creates a sense of openness in what was originally a dark subterranean room. Adding windows to your basement can have a significant impact in how you use your space.